Our main priority on selecting companies with in the sector among the years for Biometa Tecnología y Sistemas S. A, has always been QUALITY.

Quality has always been essential. Quality on represented firms has always been an essential requirement to the brochure of our Biomedical Division, as well as in our Equipment and Industry Division product brochure.


There is no doubt that QUALITY prestige of Biometa Tecnología y Sistemas,S.A. has been issued and it grows each day thanks to its high level of demand, not only at company people level, but also at equipment and product level, and at a training and technical service level of the represented firms.


As a conclusion, both the quality of the equipments and products are guaranteed by the represented firms themselves but also, and most important, by Biometa, thanks to our selection processes and continuous follow-up of the services provided the represented firms.

These have their own quality certificates. If you are interested in any of them please feel free to contact us.









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